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Thursday, 4 July 2013 | 0 comments

hm so ya this is my second entry. rite? i'm so busy these days, i have a lot of works to do. i need to study, i need to complete my assigment, at the same time, i need to attend all the activities under UPSI. huarghhhh i'm so tired tired very tired doe. being an upsian teach me on how to survive by my own. yeah, i need to do everything by my fingers, my hands, my eyes, i meant by MYSELF. no one. hm, before this, umi does it for me. and now, all under my responsibility :( 

me? and him? yeah, i have a very good news. we are become friend like usuall. hehe, this is what i'm waiting for. me and "..." do not fight again and we are happy to be friend rite now. he treat me like his friend and that's what i'm wishing for. he's too kind. not like me. heheh, i'm heartless ya know? 

and ... i really miss umi abah abe akak angah and adik :( i can't wait to see you all. i miss you so much, ah my tears start to water. :'( i feel that i wanna hug umi and abah now! i want to story with them, i want to play with adik. i do miss them. so i can't wait for raya. that i can go home, and gather with all :)

mood: sob sob :"""""""( miss my family so much!

Wednesday, 3 July 2013 | 0 comments

Salam. so ya, this is my first entry hehe. my previous account had been deleted for certain reasons. okay so lets start with my story. act, i dont know what i'm going to post. hm ya there's a lot of things in my head then i'm feeling blur. 

i'm sorry. i know i'm heartless, but this is my reason to start over new. and you, your heart is broken rite? you can't stop blaming me, rite? you can't forget and forgive what i've done, isn't rite? sokay. i know my fault is too big. if i was in your shoes, i may do the same thing.  i'm giving you a lot of hopes, then i'm hurting you by my actions. by my stupid actions. says that i love you so much but then i ask you for a clash. stupid me. silly me.

i'm so sorry. again. i have my own reason. that's why i need you to hear. i found a reason for me. to change who is used to be. i can't force my heart to be with you. i never meant to do those things to you. but i feel we should be just a friend.my mistake, my fault to approve you as my partner that day. too late too young to realize... you can put the blame on me. as long as your heart is okay. then, let we be friend, like usuall, be my classmate like usuall. okay? smile :)